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Cyber Deception Day


April 1st  is celebrated as April Fools' Day in many countries around the world.  While accounts differ as to the origin of the day, the first day of April is often an opportunity to play pranks or practical jokes on friends, family, and loved ones.  This tradition is a perfect opportunity to ensure our digital lives are included and no one feels left out!


Expanding on the tradition, industry thought-leaders come together on April 1st to generate global awareness and enablement amongst cyber defenders on all things "Cyber Deception" for IT security purposes.


Recognizing the immediate and significant impact cyber deception can have in defending an organization, industry thought-leaders reach out to the public with several relevant objectives including:

  • Provide knowledge and insight to experiences with cyber deception.

  • Openly discuss threats, solutions, and mitigation strategies leveraging deception.

  • Provide resources and insights on countless ways deception can be incorporated into IT security strategies.


The rally point for the occasion is a no-cost, day-long, live-streamed broadcast where subject matter experts hold informative sessions and open discussion forums with attendees.  Sessions include 45-minute presentations from industry experts, round-table discussions, informal chat sessions, and even a live "call in" show.  In addition to the live broadcast, MITRE will be publishing pre-recorded presentations, blog postings, and related content.


On April 1, 2022, please join Deceptive Defense, SANS, and MITRE as we host an information packed, full day, cyber deception extravaganza.

Broadcast Replay Available

You can view a replay of the recorded Live Broadcast here!

Or, you can go directly to the “Take Back The Advantage” YouTube channel here.


With "deception" we effectively manage optics and success!


The mission of Cyber Deception Day is to dramatically  improve cyber defenses and reduce the impact of bad-actors in the worlds deployment of technology by promoting awareness and adoption of cyber deception strategy and solutions.

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