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Cyber Deception Day

Cyber Deception Day • April 1, 2022

The Days Focus

Learn about the immediate and significant impact cyber deception can have in defending an organization?

Your Opportunity

Attend the no-cost, day-long, live-streamed broadcast where subject matter experts hold informative sessions and open discussion forums with attendees.  Sessions include 45-minute presentations from industry experts, round-table discussions, informal chat sessions, and even a live "call in" show.

Learn More Below

Take Back The Advantage!

This is your opportunity to learn how to change the rules and make the cyber miscreants of the world see things your way!

Join us

You're welcome to join us for the day or drop-in and out as your schedule permits.  With the group of phenomenal speakers, panel members, and the insights they'll be sharing, you'll be glad you did!

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