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A Deep Dive into Threat Actor Techniques Behind Attacks on Ukrainian Government Infrastructure

Start Time

8:15AM EST

End Time

9:00AM EST


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About the Session

One week before the DDoS attacks on the Ukrainian government, we noticed suspicious behavior on one of our deception environments. Threat actors were exploiting the CVE-2021-4034 vulnerability in an attempt to attack Ukrainian government infrastructure.

This presentation will be a deep dive into the technical aspects of the attack, as well as the implications of it and how deception was uniquely positioned to detect it and provide the intel needed to stop the attack.


Nicole Carignan

Nicole Carignan

Head of North America Customer Success


Nicole is the Head of North America Customer Success for CounterCraft Security. She manages deception campaign architecture, deployment, and actionable threat intelligence analysis for CounterCraft customers. She is currently building CounterCraft’s Professional Services product (The Service) and Threat Intelligence program (The Feed).

Previously, Nicole was the Senior Cyber Security Threat Architect for Intrusion, Inc. She served as a SME in network security and intelligence analysis as well as extensive experience in mining multi-terabyte threat intelligence datasets to produce actionable intelligence to protect customers. As a network security product threat architect, Nicole led innovative requirements for the machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts to identify malicious network activity, profile reputations of the domain/IP space, and establish rules to provide a safer internet environment.

Prior to this, Nicole spent over a decade supporting the Intelligence community in IT, Communications, Operations, Cyber Security, and Threat Intelligence.

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