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Learning Deception the Easy Way and Deceiving Off the Land

Start Time

1:15PM EST

End Time

2:00PM EST


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About the Session

Cyber deception can be challenging. Rather than simply being a technology that gets deployed, deception is a strategic concept that requires a mindset dissimilar to what IT professionals typically need. Learning deception takes more than learning a technology.

Kevin has co-authored a 6-day training class that covers deception from "soup to nuts". During this presentation, Kevin will provide an overview of his SANS Cyber Deception class. He will also perform demonstrations of the various deceptive techniques using DeceptionLab - a deception platform, using only common Linux commands and utilities.


Kevin Fiscus

Kevin Fiscus

Principal Instructor & Course Author


Kevin Fiscus is an information security expert with over 30 years of IT experience, more than half of which has been focused exclusively on information security. Kevin is GSE #36.

He is the founder and lead consultant for Cyber Defense Advisors where he performs security and risk assessments, vulnerability and penetration testing, security program design, policy development, and security awareness.

Kevin has been a SANS Instructor since 2004. He has taught many of SANS's most popular courses including SEC401, SEC464, SEC503, SEC504, SEC542, SEC560, SEC561, SEC575, FOR508, and MGT414.

Kevin is also the author of SEC550 - Cyber Deception: Attack Detection, Disruption and Active Defense.

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