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Wrap Up / Final Thoughts

Start Time

5:00PM EST

End Time

5:30PM EST

Deceptive Defense, Inc.

Presented By:

Deceptive Defense, Inc.

About the Session

Closing remarks and a call to action!


Kevin Fiscus

Kevin Fiscus

Co-Founder / Principal Consultant

Deceptive Defense, Inc.

Kevin has over three decades of IT industry experience including over two decades focused on cybersecurity. He is the Co-Founder, and a Principal Consultant of Deceptive Defense, Inc., a cybersecurity consulting/professional services firm, as well as a Principal Instructor for SANS Institute. Kevin is considered an industry expert on the topic of cyber deception and has co-authored a six-day SANS course entitled "SEC550: Cyber Deception - Attack Detection, Disruption and Active Defense".

In an effort to broaden awareness and the adoption of "deception" in cyber defense programs on a global basis, Kevin is helping rally the industry around the creation of an annual day of knowledge transfer known as "Cyber Deception Day".

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