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Zero Trust and Cyber Deception

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7:30AM EST

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8:15AM EST


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About the Session

Zero Trust is an architectural shift that addresses some of the most pressing security challenges that organizations face in a globally distributed and remote-first world. Built on the principles of least-privileged access that ‘assumes breach’ by default, the Zero Trust model requires a fundamentally different approach to cyber defense and threat detection.

Deception, which also operates on the assume breach approach, is a natural choice for this model. Join Sahir Hidayatullah, VP of Active Defense, Zscaler as he shares how organizations are combining Zero Trust with Deception to build proactive defenses that detect compromised users, de-risk their internal attack surface, stop lateral movement, and detect sophisticated, human-operated attacks that bypass traditional defenses.


Sahir Hidayatullah

Sahir Hidayatullah

VP - Active Defense


Sahir Hidayatullah is the VP - Active Defense at Zscaler. He was the founder and CEO of Smokescreen, the deception-based Active Defense leader that Zscaler acquired.

He is a regular speaker on active defense and cyber deception strategy, including running the top-rated training on adversary engagement and deception at Black Hat USA.

Sahir has been a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur whose past ventures have undertaken red team assessments and performed incident response for multiple data breaches. His work has been a cover story in Fortune Magazine, India, and he's often quoted on cybersecurity in print and television media.

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