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Our professional services team members are experts in the domain of cyber deception and cyber defense in general.  We alleviate three critical deficiencies organizations face with their risk management efforts; time, skilled resources, and practical guidance.


Over the course of decades of experiences with organizations of all sizes and risk tolerance levels, both in the private and public sectors, our team has helped countless clients make rapid, practical, and cost-effective improvements to their cyber security postures.

Our Service Portfolio


At Deceptive Defense it's not just about cyber deception.  We have been delivering a portfolio of traditional cyber security services for decades.  Based on our successful heritage, we are well positioned to help you determine what should be next in the evolution of your risk management efforts.

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With Deceptive Defense you actually realize the upper hand.

Things you can count on from us


Our experiences have taught us that different organizations have different cultures, risk tolerance levels, and varied abilities to effectively and securely drive business with the assistance of technology.


Our expertise enables us to quickly identify where an organizations cyber security maturity level is and then determine how to continuously and effectively manage related business risk in a proactive, cost-effective, and business focused manner.


We know it’s a team effort!  Our professionals have experience engaging audiences ranging from the Board Room to the technologists who are tasked  with the daily operations of technology.  This results in our deliverable's being relevant and actionable!

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